Four Seasons in One Day

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 6 Jan 2014 23:57
All the Seasons, Most Days, Except Snow........
IMG_8136  IMG_8137
The New Year came in wet and windy and make that very wet...... Baby Beez looked OK from a distance, on closer inspection the petrol tank was actually floating in four inches of water.
This poor little chap was seen shivering on Q Dock, trying to dry his non-waterproof-self out – before he had even gone fishing. Our overnight temperatures are around eighteen degrees Centigrade, to me this is rudeness, after the twenty eight to thirty I have happily been used to. The only benefit is not having to sleep in the shallow end of the pool AND Bear has been allowed to go without one of those magic towels under him, like a draw sheet – no more sweaty boy..... The down side has been the quilt fighting, in our sleep. This far south the need for a bit more weight soon became apparent, so nearing New Zealand, we put the quilt in the quilt cover, up until then I have been happy under just the two layers of cotton of the cover alone. After we got here and sleeping together again, it soon became clear that Bear was not ready for the weight on him and produced an exclusion zone, keeping himself to himself and warm, that is. We got used to his half of the quilt being in a random pile between us. Still not quite used to saying last year for 2013 and this year, however....... This year, in his sleep, he has begun to tug to get the quilt over himself. Me on guard as to not let him become ‘sweaty boy’ once more, fight back (in my sleep) – result, some friendly tug-o-wars, which eventually wake us both up. Mmmmm.
Our new ensign arrived when eighteen months of UK post arrived (Thank You Miffy and Rachel and the lovely Christmas card that came too).
IMG_8209  IMG_8210
The old one has now been retired. The brand spanking new one measures a whole yard. The old one had lost a full fourteen inches in wind damage and the Union Jack was barely holding together. Well done to a faithful servant.
This morning we awake to a white out. Sheer Tenacity, behind us was barely there, the vacant buoy between us, looks like a dirty mark on the lens rather than a bright orangey-red.
To our left, not so bad.........
To our right, mmmm, cold, wet fog.
Bear worked hard all morning taking the sails down, calling out only when a gust messed up his neatly folded main. Oh its ballast that you need is it, as I threw myself on the unruly pile. No comment, far to dangerous, far, far too dangerous. As Bear had his initial visit from the riggers, I spent a frustrating time trying to work my way through quite awful web sites to source a new cockpit table, ours has had it. New cockpit seats as ours are badly split and replacement window blinds. Several detailed emails later, Bear came in to report that the two chaps had been very complementary about the girl, her good quality ropes and colour scheme. I was then very pleased to be asked if I would like to go ashore. I leapt at the chance and wiggled in to a very full Baby Beez.
IMG_8241  IMG_8243
Chirpy boy went on a rubbish run as I watched in awe at how easy some chaps make a task look – in this case to single handed load a boat on to a trailer, whilst leaving the said boat in gear. Next we used the marina trucks to pull the sails down the road to deliver them to capable and restorative hands of Roger at North Sails.
IMG_8244  IMG_8245 
Oh to have such a table and two massive sewing machines. The lady on one of our neighbouring boats was ‘borrowing’ the far corner to do a bit of upholstery work. .
IMG_8246  IMG_8253
One by one the two genoas and main sail were looked over and a job sheet produced.
IMG_8249  IMG_8247  IMG_8250
Compared to boats coming in with blown and tattered bits of sail, we have been incredibly lucky, just a couple of worn bits and a tear in the sacrificial strip of our prime genoa. All packed away and left with Roger, it was time for a meat pie and a sit down by the water. After supper, I managed a backgammon win, my first in three days, still in minus figures on the money though. I do hope it’s not a repeat of the first half of last year – I do. Grrrrrr.....
                     YEAH, BUT I STILL LOVE YOU
Have you ever see an outdoor shower hose used with such accuracy......
Bear Has - OooooooErrrrrrr
Exit Stage Left Bear, Exit Stage Left......