MP Boat Harbour

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Mon 23 May 2016 22:47
Middle Percy Boat Harbour
We had a bit of a rolly old night and didn’t sleep all that well so we woke a little later than usual at seven. Bear pottered about the ‘estate’ this morning and I wrote a blog. Knock knock. Our lovely visitors were Richard and Val from Kereru – also on the Indonesian rally. I immediately wanted to settle in the cockpit for a chat but Bear had a bee in his bonnet, a fancy to spuddle over in Baby Beez to explore Boat Harbour while the tide was in. It turns out that the wind is going to be miniscule tomorrow so on the spot we have decided to stay another day, plenty of time to chat to our new friends who also were popping ashore. We loaded ourselves and went over to say ‘hello’ to Sheer Pleasure, Paul and Annie overtook us just before they paired off to Kingfisher Resort, and they anchored next to us at Lady Musgrave Island and beside us here. They invited us over for sundowners with their two house guests Paul and Julie and Kereru at four thirty, smashing.  
Off we went for our spuddle, the entrance to Boat Harbour looked so different today with the tide in.
The sandy nooks had disappeared.
IMG_6726  IMG_6728
The rocks were still impressive.
So different to see the channel buoys floating.
IMG_6730  IMG_6731
The trimaran was floating and the sandbank although very shallow was covered with water.
IMG_6732  IMG_6734
The far left ended with mangroves. Up close, Silver Gull III looked lovely in the afternoon sunshine.
We turned, at the far end – a mini boatyard.
Halfway, opposite the ‘doorway in’, such a noise from fruit bats and cockatoos. Somewhere up in the high ground is the homestead.
The shopping girl for the island.
In front of her, a dry dock, well much of the time.
IMG_6741  IMG_6742
The far end mangroves.
Turning it was hard to believe the size of this natural sanctuary.
                     AN AMAZING CYCLONE HIDEY-HOLE