Getting to Nine Arch Bridge

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 17 Mar 2019 23:47
En Route to Nine Arch Bridge, Demodara near Ella, Sri Lanka
IMG_0085  IMG_0088
We left the tea plantation at Little Adam’s Peak, walked down to the main road, turned right, bimbled up a steep hill and turned left at a pretty little shrine.
IMG_0089  IMG_0090  IMG_0091
Down the track from the shrine a couple of flowers and a lake.
IMG_0093  IMG_0094
Up again and looking over the next bit which includes the track in the far distance. At the top of the next hill we found a posh hotel and went in for a cold drink.
IMG_0095  IMG_0098
From the hotel balcony we could see our target way below. As I sipped my chocolate milkshake, another first, a lady was pressing towels behind me in the restaurant of said posh hotel......
 IMG_0100  IMG_0101  IMG_0102
Along a path, down a track and a cheeky beast of a hill.
IMG_0103  IMG_0105
Nothing too amazing about this little juice stall until we looked back at it from down the next down bit.
IMG_0107  IMG_0106 
Spot the house on the hill, then in close up.
IMG_0108  IMG_0110
Loved the pretend grass of a tuktuk we passed, how it got there ??? The next bit.
IMG_0111  IMG_0112
Are we any closer yet ???? Errrr no.
Favourite tuck shop, there is actually a man serving in there.
IMG_0115  IMG_0116  IMG_0117
Even the bravest tuktuk men have to give up now and wait. Bear shows the way and looking back up at the next bit.
IMG_0120  IMG_0125  IMG_0128
The next chunk.
Delighted my flip flops are holding to their 4x4 reputation and YAY the bridge is getting closer.
IMG_0135  IMG_0137
Someone has thoughtfully used tyres to help. Oooo that’s steep.
Not a bit sorry that trek is over and we finally reach the bridge. We don’t have to go back that way, we can walk along the track, it’s only a mile and a half back to Ella. Wish I’d have known that and done exactly that both ways. Even if you sponsored me a lot of money would I have gone back that way. I would happily have walked to the next village and caught the dodgiest of buses.





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