Attwood Bay

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Fri 25 Mar 2011 23:47
The Stunning Attwood Bay
The huge, shallow Attwood Bay - some maps spell Atwood, we'll stick with Attwood
Susan (Nancy Dawson), ashore for a beach walk
Michelle (Mi Amante - far right) exploring the white sand
We passed the girls out wandering whilst we spuddled on Baby Beez. The shallow lagoon behind the harbour - a baby mangrove
We went to find out what the seemingly 'black line' was - thousands of urchins - the water about three feet deep
Heading back out toward Beez, the very shallow water took on a silvery colour
The entry we used yesterday shows sharp edged coral, millions of years in the making
The opposite side, we passed the mushroom rock that had been on our left as we entered, today complete with surf
Next we anchored Baby Beez and went for a snorkel to see the biggest Lionfish, we have ever seen, Queen Angelfish and loads more
Well as Julie's maiden name was Attwood, out came the dolphin we were kindly given by Carolyn as a keepsake on Beez Neez. Julie had bought him on a holiday to Mexico (one day we hope to get his picture there too). Here he is sitting on the side of Beez with the beautiful coloured water behind him. We have aboard a tiny flower arrangement that has a piece of ribbon from Julie's bridal bouquet and a little gypsophilia, we took a tiny piece each and set it free on the water. We lost Julie three years ago in May, but she is with us as a shiny star, forever - we can hear her giggle at our choice of star.
                     NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN