Cairns First Chores

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 21 Jun 2016 22:57
Cairns First Chores
Bear got up this morning full of vim and vigour to get Baby Beez new wheels fitted. I was champing at the bit to get our Passports back. I set off at a cracking bimble and got the Cairns Cruising Yacht Squadron fifty minutes later. Deep joy and thundybolts – and a YEEHA or three. I saw a table and chairs in the garden and took my three packages from the very welcoming chap who handed me a card to get 10% off all drinks when we come to the rally meetings, told me a bus was laid on so I won’t have to walk here with Bear. I sat for half an hour opening our Passports to find our Indonesian Visas (thank you Maria at the Consulate), our post kindly sent in two bundles (thank you Miffy). After a half an hours sorting, rest, snack and drink off I set. Thanking the nice staff at CCYS.
IMG_8662  IMG_8667  IMG_8668
Not the prettiest route, mostly along a dual carriageway not a pavement in sight, just to the horizon by the end of the mountain then......... I stopped off at the massive Bunnings and Masters (like B&Q, all I managed to tick off my list was ant hotels and an ant dropper) and got quite a result in the huge Anaconda fishing and camping shop. My anorak, faithful to the last journey when it leaked like a sieve – bought in the farm shop in New Zealand, was replaced by a guaranteed waterproof job half price in the sale – twenty quid, bargain.
I could have very easily evicted this fellow off his bed and had half an hour.
Pleased to be back in the City.
IMG_8681  IMG_8683
Back in the CBD I bimbled by the huge Courthouse, turned right and saw the Central Hotel, left and found Woolworth’s to pick up some rolls and nice bits to fill them for Bear and a few essentials. Back to Beez, I had bimbled just under seven miles – now you know I would only do that for significant sponsorship but needs must and I’m chuffed to have our Passports back with us.
Thrilled to see Baby Beez is now an amphibious craft. What I’d like to do is next time we’re near a sandy beach, is to raise the engine and gun in to land, we could see how far we could get on the new wheels. Please may it be when I have a swimming costume on and no camera or clutter to lose........................
A soft sunset as we both slowly bimbled to the showers.
Looking right in the direction of the airport.
You would not believe the noise coming from all the trees along this path. Hundreds and hundreds of rainbow lorikeets shouting at each other, non to be seen except for the odd one having to fly to a new roost having lost a dispute on a prime branch. What is ever so funny is everything goes absolutely silent as soon as darkness falls only to burst back to full volume at around half five in the morning.
Our vista as we hobble back to Beez. Perhaps the best, longest shower in many a month.
                     HAPPY TO TICK A FEW JOBS OFF THE LIST