Village Bimble with Paul

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Fri 27 Sep 2019 23:57
Village Bimble with Paul
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We left Paul’s pirogue with his crew and watched a heron scruffing about as we waded through a short muddy bit. No sooner than we had set off up the hill than we saw a pair of bee eaters, one on the wing whilst his laydee sat and rested.
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A beautiful traveller palm, Paul waded in to explain the benefits. The fronds are cut and dried folded over for roofing and the edge of the stem is stripped and used for binding roofing beams and the thatching.
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At the top of the hill we could see over the two miles we had to bimble (centre distance), a quick breather to take in the views.
Paul’s pirogue waiting quietly beyond the palm, Beez Neez second yacht along.
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Over the crest of the first hill the scenery changed dramatically as Paul told us that generations past cut too many trees, very arid.
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Interesting rock shapes but plenty of erosion.
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On we went.
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The tree in the left picture is full of vim and vigour but the same tree on the right has passed its sell by date. This tree is used for furniture legs, stools, supports and outriggers.
From the top of the next rise we could make out Nosy Iranja (centre left).
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This tree was covered in a spidery climber the locals use to make tea. The gully will be a small waterfall in the wet season. On we went downhill.
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Once on the flat we saw the first of the village dwellings. I couldn’t resist stopping to comfort a tiny one that was crying.
Kimi said hello to a local.
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More buildings as we entered the village proper. The hut on the left is a sleeping hut, there is another just out of shot where this family cooks and there are some community buildings and a school. 192 people live here.
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A thoughtful young man, a chicken house and ‘call me handsome’.
A fenced-in banana plantation.
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A flowering bush to add a splash of orange and yellow.
Cashew nuts.
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We saw quite a few cows. Here they are known as Bank. The bank owns them and the villagers ‘lease’ them.
Various animal shelters, loved the detached one-room chicken houses.
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The village shop and Kimi stopped to chat to lads cementing.
Washing day
DSCN9227  DSCN9228
The village well and filtration unit.
We set off to return the way we had come.
On our way past the shelter I chatted to the crying baby, we found her asleep.
DSCN9236  DSCN9237
A mushroom in the leave litter and an incredibly camouflaged chap.
He was happy to pose. Paul told us that if anyone kills him he will die immediately – as goes the local superstition.
One final look at the view......
DSCN9255  DSCN9256
.....then it was down the last bit of hill, down to the boat to enjoy a wonderful sail back to Paul’s for a late lunch.
As we enjoyed our delicious lunch Paul put his boat to bed.
                     A GREAT EXPERIENCE - BUT HOT