Day 7 to St Helena

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 3 Feb 2020 06:00
25:42.86 S  6:15.85 E
Day Seven to St Helena
Up this morning to fillet a pawpaw, serve the captain his breakfast and settle to type this little entry. Bored, no, it’s really nice to be in rhythm and on the Atlantic Ocean which is proving to be predictable, fairly gentle and only a little rolly. A smashing change to being flung around on the Indian and Wild Coast of South Africa. Slow progress indeed, though. Bear continues to read, enjoys planning in his head and watched Dr Zhivago (always dribbles at Julie Christie). Can you hang on for five minutes says he as I peer out asking for a banana from it’s hanger (after the pawpaw sorting)........ Stood up by Julie,eh.....
A very beatific ‘happy picture this afternoon’.
The hard boiled eggs came to an end with our lovely salad ‘party’ at lunch, perhaps no more this trip, may go wild and give Bear an egg banjo or make an omelette, we’ll see. I managed to sneak a five four win and after my afternoon sleep, snuck a five three on the battlefield known on board as backgammon. Huh. No need to huh, I’m still a few behind. Long may that continue, Madam..... Steady....
Have you ever seen a packet of chocolate eggs flung with surprising accuracy.
Bear has. Duck Bear, Duck......
Talking of mini eggs in crispy shells, I popped a few in to relish the shell melting, finding the chocolate oozing out across the palette. Shock Horror, in the middle was a soft jelly bit, yuck. Bear giggled at the look on my face, the flapping arms and the following complaints, opened bag unceremoniously flung into his tuck box......
We had tried going north to find some wind (as Des, still our faithful Weather Guru – despite ending with folk as soon as they get to Cape Town. No chance of getting rid of me, Sir – suggested).
Des sent us the most beautiful picture of himself with Nell and their gorgeous granddaughter, Olivia. A pure delight to see. Des has always said that he “has a face for radio” we heartily disagree.
P2020058  P2020060
At 17:15 the clouds parted to show a little blue sky.
I thoroughly enjoyed my shifts, sorted pictures on the laptop, typed in a handwritten list of new audiobooks to it’s spreadsheet (of course there’s a spreadsheet. I’m not the queen of them in the cruising community for nothing, you know) and overnight actually wrote one of the hundred or so blogs I’m behind on. Desert Island Discs to keep me company. Phosphorescence stunning, the size of five pence pieces in our wake. Joy.
At six this morning we have covered 113.3 nmiles (actually surprised to be over a hundred).
Total completed 831.5 nautical miles – nearly half way YAY.
                      FICKLE WIND ON A FLAT SEA