Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 20 Feb 2013 23:47
Our Final Blog from the Atlantic Side of Panama
BB Last Shelter Bay 006  BB Last Shelter Bay 002  BB Last Shelter Bay 003  BB Last Shelter Bay 001
As usual the week before any big journey or extended stay anywhere, Beez Neez looks like she is in “having a good sort out” phase – pleasing words to describe her best efforts at looking like a tip.
BB Last Shelter Bay 004  BB Last Shelter Bay 005  BB Last Shelter Bay 007
At least the sea berth is empty and that will take most of the stuff that’s out and about. I think they were words of soothing encouragement from the skipper. Mmmmmmmmm. I suppose the sea toilet has been worse in other ‘sort phases’ but the kitchen needs a little bit of a going over. The funny thing is we have had to dig out our spares – we are set up for the two of us, meaning two of everything. We will be joined by Rod, Sian and Steve (our trusty linehandlers) who have to be fed and bedded down for the night. Our box of extra knives and forks would be in one of the most inaccessible cupboards known to boat owners and our carefully stowed extra mugs are right at the back of our medical supplies cupboard, behind the settee.  
BB Last Shelter Bay 008  BB Last Shelter Bay 010  BB Last Shelter Bay 017
Our final shopping day came, standing by the free bus at ten to eight, Bear at hand for the lugging back bit. The bus was full and low and behold we had to wait at the canal for a chum to go through. A solid hour. No worries as I have my list clutched in hand, pencil on ear, so with military precision we will get round with time to spare or in a taxi if we have too much to fit beneath the seats and on our laps. The time waiting for the chum was a time of quiet thought, this will be us in a few days time........ we pass a glance at each other knowing we are thinking exactly the same thing. Neither of us are nervous, just excited. I will of course be thrilled to pull out of the marina showing I have done it once or twice before, well my new propeller is still an unknown, so if I can get off the slip without making a muck of it – I will have got the worst bit over.
BB Last Shelter Bay 019
Back to Beez we find our tyres and lines have been delivered
BB Last Shelter Bay 027  BB Last Shelter Bay 024  BB Last Shelter Bay 026  BB Last Shelter Bay 025
Transit day minus one. Sian has a bed in the office. The sea toilet has been scrubbed to within an inch of its life. The sea berth feels abused, but the curtain (Thank You Anne, (Freya of Clyde) for suggesting “multitudes of sins can easily be disguised behind a pretty curtain”).
BB Last Shelter Bay 023
A sigh of relief, jobs done, lounge tidy. Hot and sweaty we have time for a last dip and a farewell supper.
BB Last Shelter Bay 030  BB Last Shelter Bay 028
A cooling dip in the marina pool, shower and supper with Alan (Zebedee) – Beez Neez new friend and transit companion on the morrow and Eric and Dee (Sirena). Our final look at D and E dock, Beez nearly at the end on the right.
BB Last Shelter Bay 022
Beez Neez with transit tyres in place
                     BRING IT ON