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Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 19 Oct 2016 22:57
Our Final Blog from Belitung
We did some chores this morning, popped over to see Manatee and Indian Summer en route ashore for lunch, just as well we had declined offers to “come aboard” as the second we sat down with a shandy, the heavens opened.
Within seconds we could barely see Baby Beez and the yachts in the anchorage completely disappeared. These remaining boats are leaving at three o’clock but we are waiting to hear from Richard and Val (Kereru) to see if they can collect our Passports in Benan and that way we can head to Ketawai Island.
IMG_7100  IMG_7104
The local girls begin to disappear.
Splashing  - more like hammering, made an awesome noise on the roof and floor.
Belitung Pos  bule-berkebaya_20161019_115542
Last night after the Gala Dinner I was interviewed for live radio, amazing how the reporter waited for her producer to queue everything up on an mobile telephone complete with earpiece, three, two, one countdown and off I went answering questions about being a yachtie and my experiences in Belitung.
No sooner than the intrepid roving radio lady had finished than a lady reporter from the local newspaper took up the baton. Above are the pictures that appeared and below is what was reported. Indonesian only has one tense and Having got used to being called Mister Mister all the time, it was not surprising to read ‘he’ and ‘his’.

POS BELITUNG.COM, BELITUNG - There are different when the gala dinner held by Regency Belitung, for foreign tourists Sail Indonesia participants in 2016, in the Hall Tanjungkelayang, Sijuk, Belitung, Tuesday (18/10/2016) night.

This dress look different from international tourists, wearing traditional dress typical clothes Indonesia.

His name is Pepe Millard, a yachtie 2016. Sail Indonesia participants Pepe, appear specifically in the event.

He was wearing a dark blue kebaya with subordinates woven fabric. Complete the look, Pepe hair bun and decorated with flowers.

While her husband, Bear, wearing a knee-length pants batik.

"I bought this in Bali Because I had a chance to go to local shops (because I had a chance to go shopping to the local shops)," said Pepe to when met after the ceremony.

For him dressed in traditional areas he visited, showing that he appreciates a culture through clothing.

"Because that's our way to say thank you" said a British woman.

A bit of celebrity or what ????





An hour of hammering rain and things began to ease to the point there were gaps between the raindrops. We get a message from Richard, he has our Passports in his hand........Astounding. When we were youngsters our parents told us that our Birth Certificate and Passport were more important than our left legs.

We had an opportunity to get a new date stamp via a chap, via a coach driver, who would take our Passports to the border, cross and cross back in Guatemala via his friend the official – all for $20, we were horrified and took a trip to Belize........

Here we are a few years later and our sacred books have been through the hands of the rally coordinator, officialdom, the waitress at the resort in Benan and now aboard Kereru................ Mystified just doesn’t cover it.






                     I KNEW HER BEFORE SHE GOT FAMOUS..........