Another Bimble

Another Key West Bimble
BB Hemmingway - Truman 002  BB Hemmingway - Truman 001
When we leave Beez Neez to go off exploring we have to go under a bridge, turn left and head into town. The current through is quite something and a challenge for Bear to steer us safely.
BB Dry Tortugas 012  BB Dry Tortugas 013  BB Dry Tortugas 014 
After the bridge we follow a very long waterway. The land to the left belongs to the US Navy and local fisherman cast along the jetty. We laughed at the target boat.
BB Dry Tortugas 011
Next are some resting buoys
BB Dry Tortugas 008
Then we passed the big US Coast Guard lady called Mohawk
BB Dry Tortugas 009  BB Dry Tortugas 010
Passing one day we saw the ‘crew resting’ in the folding net fencing – later loading some serious looking rounds
BB Dry Tortugas 005  BB Dry Tortugas 006
Sea birds everywhere watched by a handsome chap
BB Dry Tortugas 004  BB Dry Tortugas 003
A local passed us in a very different type of craft
BB Dry Tortugas 001  BB Dry Tortugas 002
In the Bight Marina an interesting lady with a sad dinghy
BB Dry Tortugas 027  BB Dry Tortugas 028
PF Dry Tortugas 011  PF Dry Tortugas 005  PF Dry Tortugas 008 
Meet Magic Penny II – a marina assistance boat, I fell in love with her immediately and went aboard for a closer look.
 PF Dry Tortugas 007  PF Dry Tortugas 006  PF Dry Tortugas 009
Bear had a worrying sight and had to take it out on a sailfish
PF Dry Tortugas 002  PF Dry Tortugas 003
Bear thought the dock masters office was being shored up, I liked the smell of freshly sawn wood.
BB Dry Tortugas 020  BB Dry Tortugas 021  BB Dry Tortugas 023
Flowers as we trot around the town
BB Bus Day 1 101  BB Bus Day 1 102  BB Bus Day 1 103
A cake shop
 BB Bus Day 1 106
Don’t ask
PF KW Hemming - Truman 140  PF KW Hemming - Truman 137  PF KW Hemming - Truman 138
Sadly for the calories we found an ice cream shop
PF KW Hemming - Truman 139
This bar has a very different door stop
BB Dry Tortugas 024  BB Dry Tortugas 026
BB Dry Tortugas 025
A really sad girl away on the shallows in the mooring field