To Agra

Delhi To Agra
to agra  kochi
This morning at ten we set off from Delhi for Agra YAY, a long way north of Kochi (46 hours by car).
Must digress to Bear’s supper last night. He fancied room service and ordered a pasta meal. It came in the tiny dent in a huge plate, by comparison his bread was more like a reasonable sized loaf.
Soon through the traffic and crossing the River Yamuna.
Very impressed at how neatly the verges are kept.
IMG_0005  IMG_0006
Our first sign to ‘Agra’. Beside us at a toll booth – a naked lorry. Apparently, the driver is delivering the engine and flat bed to the factory for the cab and ‘pretty bits’ to be put on.
To our left mile upon mile of wheat fields. Later, we whizzed past a cremation being prepared at a field edge.
IMG_0008  IMG_0009
Mob, our driver tends to stay in the middle of the road. Others meander. No one seems to mind and if anyone changes lane a simple honk. Slightly unreal when we were doing about 60 and each side a car whizzed by 80 – sandwich style. Another sign as we firmly remain in the middle.
Half way we stop for a toilet break, surprised to see Costa Coffee.
A bit more surprising was a train engine in the middle of the road.
A bit of a meander before settling to a lane.
IMG_0013  IMG_0014
Our first tourist sign and we are getting closer.
Entering Agra.
The usual mix of vehicles and later, cows and water buffalo bimbling along.
IMG_0018  IMG_0020
Sadly, we are stopped at the gate to our digs as a sniffer dog has to check the boot, the engine is looked at and then at the door our luggage is x-rayed and we have to go through a body scanner and pat down. Sad that this level of security is necessary – anywhere. We are welcomed with “Namaste”, presented with a lei and a juice while our Passports are copied.
IMG_0017  IMG_0021
We take in the water feature in the foyer and decide on a swim in the pool asap.
Beds gets himself settled as we unpack a bit.
We leave him resplendent in his lei.
Down to the pool.
A mystical picture by the lift.
                    COMFORTABLE TOLL ROADS