To Antsoha and Lemurs

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Sun 20 Oct 2019 23:47
To Antsoha and Lemur Cuddles
I was rudely awoken at three this morning with, Is that your IPod playing ??? Now as I said in the last blog we went to sleep with Soca music playing for the Crater to Russian Bay Rally Party. Not thrilled, but in the most pleasant voice I could muster I answered in the negative....... Needless to say, sleep alluded me for the rest of the night and there I was at six watching the sunrise.
At ten past six Slow Flight looked pretty with morning mist swirling on the mainland.
IMG_0013  IMG_0018
Plenty of the “we prefer to swim on our side” brigade came by.
The party boats were very silent as a local lady came through.
At seven thirty Slow Flight, Serafina and Beez Neez set off for the five mile hop to see lemurs. We left Russian Bay for the final time and now every mile will be new to us. Around the corner the little islet called Nosy Kivinjy came into view.........
and then Nosy Antsoha, our target.
Nosy Kivinjy now to our right was we swung into anchor at eight-thirty. Trevor very kindly gathered the six of us together and spuddled us in. We found a couple of guides, handed over three pounds each and took our tickets.
Bear held up our ticket – the chap, so cute.
Fred, me, Bear, Maria and Trevor taken by Kimi.
IMG_0037  IMG_0038  IMG_0040
Our first lady was very shy and wary but eventually took the offered piece of banana.
IMG_0111  IMG_0042  IMG_0050
We passed a pineapple as our guides began calling “Maki, Maki, Maki”. We soon saw a chap dangling upside-down like a bat as a pair of fluffy, brown cuties swung in.
IMG_0052  IMG_0055  IMG_0098
Maria had never been up close and personal with a lemur before and went into serious posing mode.....
IMG_0064  IMG_0066  IMG_0073
I had a lovely chat, cuddle and kiss.
Delight on Kimi’s face..........
IMG_0085  IMG_0087  IMG_0089
......then she had her face well and truly washed.
IMG_0090  IMG_0104
Stroking as a ‘thank you’. Bear enjoyed a cuddle too.
What is so gorgeous about lemurs is the way you put your hand toward them, with a little banana, they gently wrap their hand around yours and pull it toward their mouth – no rush, no claws, no nipping, just a careful scoop with their lips and a lick to clean up.
We bimbled up the hill and had a lovely view of the girls. Serafina, Slow Flight (in the middle) and Beez on the right.
 IMG_0093  IMG_0123  IMG_0120 
Up the hill a little further, with a chap watching us, to a staircase that lead up to a little chalet that can be rented out, from here we could see Nosy Kivinjy looking very pretty.
 IMG_0126  IMG_0134  IMG_0125
Outside seating, sink and Kimi posed on the al fresco toilet.
 P1020493  P1020490
We were put on the love seat and posed accordingly.
 IMG_0139  IMG_0137
 Maria and our guide show off the bed (currently covered in a protective tarpaulin), bedding in the trunk beside the bed. I loved the seat carved from a solid tree trunk.
 IMG_0168  IMG_0169  IMG_0191
My new friend chuntered away as he enjoyed his banana and became a new hat.....
P1020522  IMG_0222  IMG_0225
Trevor was leapt upon by two youngsters, offering them nothing, they were happy to use him as a lookout.
IMG_0145  IMG_0212
Happy with him, it gave me chance to have a good look at an incredible hand.
IMG_0201  IMG_0206
Happy with Bear but he did have banana......
........until it was time to be opportunistic
P1020531  IMG_0218
Fred looked cool and Kimi had help with her photography.
IMG_0197  IMG_0198  IMG_0199
Really tucking in.
 P1020356  P1020528
We had a wonderful time with these gorgeous creatures but sadly, time to move on.
 IMG_0240  IMG_0241
Dirty Diana launched, we left the gorgeous little beach.
Just before ten we left Nosy Antsoha behind.