I Did the Bus

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 22 Dec 2015 22:57
I Did the Steps, the Bus and Coles
I woke with a sense of at-venture and excitement this morning, the weather did not. Pouring down. Bear thought it wise to cancel my trip out on the bus. Mmm. Things got brighter when the rain lessened to a manageable patter. Nerida laughed as she saw me make the final bit of the pontoon, bee umbrella aloft. Feeling this was not the way to begin my outing, she offered us the use of the marina car. By now I had the bit between the teeth, after thanking the lovely lady we were off. First, the one hundred and nine steps, done in two bites. Take a breath, then the bit Bear doesn’t like – up to the corner and the steep bit. By the time I had done the steep bit I felt a bit light headed, off came the anorak and there was a nice wall. Eagerly gulping air I had the excuse of looking at nice flowers. Just then a big, white, posh car pulled up beside us. Our next-door-neighbour on Wavelength was offering us a lift to town. I told him how grateful I was and on any other day would be in the car in a flash, but today was my first trip and it had to be done on the bus.
IMG_1135  IMG_1136  IMG_1137
Half way to the bus stop I looked back, then forward. At the corner ahead we turned right and there was the bus stop.
IMG_1138  IMG_1141
Across the road to the very attractive looking seat under the shelter. At rest until the bus comes.
IMG_1143  IMG_1144  IMG_1145
Off the bus at a quarter to two and the first thing I see is a shop called Why Not, why not indeed. We crossed the road and entered the chandler where Bear had ‘stuff’ ordered and now set aside. I was thrilled to see the progeny of the Wise Owl and was so very happy to be bimbling in a shop, yes, a boys shop but still an opportunity to drink in colour, gadgets and interesting things. I stopped at the fans and Bear bought me ‘the world’s most silent fan’. They only have white, but it will do for a trial in the kitchen, Chris at the till hauled a twelve volt battery up onto the table and did a quick demo – marvellous. I have got to the stage of threatening ours with a sledge hammer. The awful clonking and juddering makes we want to shove Bear’s head out of the window – Spaniel style, anything rather than switch it on.
Time for the next bus, I was allowed to hold my own pass which I had been instructed to swipe on entry and exit. My ping showed I had $15.80 on first swipe and $13.70 on exit. No sooner than my feet were on the ground than my pass was confiscated and in Bear’s pocket. Clearly, not to be trusted to use my own........... First stop was to go to the chemist. En route I watched the beginnings of a cold sore popping out on Bear’s lip, he had not yet felt the tingle. I had known with all the shock, to-ing and fro-ing to hospital and the subsequent relief that I had to watch him like a hawk for post-relaxation-trauma. But the sun isn’t out, I feel fine, I can’t feel any tingle, are you sure. No sooner than the till drawer shut than I was applying a glob to the suspect area. Lunchtime. Oh well, as soon as I saw Brew’n Bear, in we went.
I found a spot in the corner and Bear was soon coming toward me bearing cans. I had a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich and Bear had an egg and bacon bap. Both sitting and smiling cheesy grins. Nothing could have been sweeter. We looked through the paper, most stories meaning nothing but we did feel for Miss Universe who had no sooner began shedding tears on her crowning, than it was whipped off because the compare should have said “Miss Philippines” instead of saying “Miss Colombia”. Perhaps he should stay off the sauce the next time.
Coles. More colours to attack the senses. All I put into the trolley was treats, it was Bear who did the sensible bread and the like. I did take him to the fish counter proclaiming I would manage to do him a fish supper. All done we walked down the road, crossed and stood at the bus stop. The strangest thing is I know nothing, following behind like a child. Bear knows all the numbers, directions, names and stops. So very weird.
Off the bus opposite where we had begun and once more down the road brolly held high. Bimbling along we enjoyed the many gardens with Christmas baubles hanging in the bushes. This blue / white combo was particularly nice.
IMG_1153  IMG_1154
Toward the final steep bit.
IMG_1155  IMG_1156
Final bend.
IMG_1157  IMG_1158
Just to the the end of this bit, I can see the hedge. One of the chaps waiting on the pole, shouting a welcome.
IMG_1160  IMG_1161
Around the marina car and the steps do. No sooner than we got to the bottom than Brett told Bear he had a parcel in the box at the top. Oh. He settled me on Beez at half past five and did the steps again. By the time our shopping was put away it was supper time. I had a chicken drumstick dipped in salad cream. Bear had fresh trout, snow peas – as they call them here and four hash browns. An odd business, but that was what he fancied. Too tired to play Mexican train dominoes, we settled into bed to watch some of our new nature films. Soundo by eight thirty, I knew this was a mistake but we had both missed our afternoon nap, hence, here I sit at four in the morning, wide awake and writing this blog. I’ll try for sleep again. Night, night all.
                     OH DEAR, BUT REALLY CHUFFED