To No Name

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Thu 3 May 2012 22:17
To No Name Harbor, Miami, Florida
BB To No Name 001
We ended our week long stay on Lake Sylvia (due to the worst wind and rain we have had) and wended our way to the first bridge heading for Miami
BB To No Name 003  BF To No Name 010
We were soon in thirty feet of water in the middle of the deep water inlet. Passing one of the Dockwise ladies – specialists in moving boats around the world.
BB To No Name 009  BB To No Name 011
BB To No Name 015  BB To No Name 019
I enjoyed passing these working girls
BB To No Name 023
Into more familiar scenery
BB To No Name 025  BB To No Name 024
We felt this tree needed a mention as it had to lean out to find some sunshine at a very jaunty angle
BB To No Name 026  BB To No Name 027
BB To No Name 029  BB To No Name 030
We passed some huge houses, then a more cosmopolitan vista as we neared Miami
BB To No Name 032  BB To No Name 031
Then the expected shallow bit
BB To No Name 036  BB To No Name 037
Having to pass this lady – port to port – we found ourselves with 0.1 metres below us. (The next day we heard a Pan Pan message as a boat went very firmly aground just here and had to be “rescued”). We had had to time our arrival at this point for low tide as our biggest challenge bridge-wise was just ahead.
BF To No Name 028  BF To No Name 027
Julia Tuttle Bridge has just fifty six feet clearance, Beez mast is fifty five, so at mid tide would expect to twang the antennae at the top a bit
BF To No Name 030  BF To No Name 031
At low tide we saw we had fifty seven and a half feet, still it made for a few deep breaths as we passed under. The risk/benefit ratio was clearly go aground or smack the mast, no choice but ‘sail on the spot’ as the only option – however, Beez wanted neither as our Boat US (AA) membership ran out at the end of April. A tow off would run into a fair few $$$. All well however, so on to the next bridge into Miami proper.
BB To No Name 045 
Venetian Bridge. “Come up close captain, but don’t near the fenders until the span (yep, only the right arm went up) has stopped moving”. Great - in this current no mean feat.
BB To No Name 050
BF To No Name 040
BB To No Name 058
Passing the real metropolis of the city
BB To No Name 053
The dock area
BB To No Name 056
The deep water terminal
BF To No Name 049  BF To No Name 058
Behind us we saw Viscaya, John Deering’s House we visited on our road trip
BB To No Name 064
BB To No Name 066
We crossed the vast Biscayne Flats and turned left into No Name Harbor
BB To No Name 070
BB To No Name 071
BB To No Name 072
Twenty five point eight miles to anchor in this idyllic man-made harbour, very reminiscent of Mile Hammock Bay (the one the marines dug out). The harbour is used by many day trippers and we had a fair few before they made their way home. The going rate is $12 for a day pass and $20 to anchor, but as Skipper Bob says “they very often don’t come to collect”, fine by us. By the evening we had a couple of boats to our left and the restaurant to our right and a few more boats. We could have stayed here a few days, but going south is calling.