Beez Launch Pt 1

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 7 Nov 2018 23:47
Pangkor Marina Launch Day – Part One
The alarm went off at seven and we poked our heads out the door to see the Sea Lift in place.
IMG_0006  IMG_0008
Launch day at last. No sooner than we had finished breakfast than the marina boys arrived to move the mast to the front side of the shed, they saw Jimmy’s boys and whistled them over to help, lots of joshing and giggling, a joy to watch. Off they all moved as a raggedy gang.
James arrived and lowered the platform.
IMG_0010  IMG_0011  IMG_0012
James checked our weight, set the pads appropriately and backed the machine toward the girl, steadily.
IMG_0014  IMG_0017  IMG_0020
James carefully got the Sea Lift just so and gently took the weight of the girl, then the boys set to work with big hammers to break the welds holding the scaffolding and supports together. All good to go.
 IMG_0026  IMG_0029
It really caught the breath to watch Beez finally creep forward and get the sun on her beak for the first time in what seems like forever.
IMG_0030  IMG_0031  IMG_0032  IMG_0035
James got the girl in place by nine thirty ready for the crane man at ten.
Crane man arrived, I was thrilled and greatly relieved it was the same man who had lifted her mast.
IMG_0043  IMG_0041
No sooner than the crane supports were moving the marina boys appeared as if by magic.
IMG_0044  IMG_0047  IMG_0048
Time for me to take a picture of the waiting skipper in his usual ‘watching pose’. Crane ready and of course Win on his phone.
IMG_0051  IMG_0054  IMG_0057
Then came the delays whilst everyone discussed strops, scratched heads, three were tried. measured, more discussion. A yachtie appeared with a camera mounted on a tripod and took pictures, people came and went, eventually the crane driver called a halt, went off and returned with a brand new strop (to be left with James). Everyone around us was very tender due to the unstepping of Kereru when the strop broke dropping and damaging the mast, only narrowly missing the pilot house and injuring several people – not our crane or driver as he was off being recertified at the time. Richard couldn’t bear to be anywhere in the vicinity so he took Bob (next door) off to the chandlery for the duration.
IMG_0064  IMG_0065  IMG_0070
Finally the mast was lifted at eleven thirty. Plenty of hands to make sure all went well with all the various ‘dangly’ bits and Brett in place on board to receive the swinging pole.
IMG_0071  IMG_0072  IMG_0073
The swing, Brett hidden by the ‘dangly bits’ and steering into place.
IMG_0074  IMG_0077  IMG_0075
Everyone raced around joining deck fittings – literally all hands on deck.
IMG_0084  IMG_0086
Shah went up the mast to release the strop as Win waited patiently, once free the crane was soon tucked up and spuddled away.
IMG_0094  IMG_0091
Jimmy’s boys arrived to paint the squares where the support pads had been an after two coats of antifouling waved as they went off to their next job.
We spent the next two hours attaching bits and bobs enjoying the warm sun for the first time in ages. After lunch we went to the office to hand over the ninety pound crane hire money, I cleaned the pram hood supports and Bear attached ropes to hoist the boom from below. I winched it up as Bear and Shah held it away from the girl. Soon attached along with the support and a quick tightening of the deck fittings.
The marina boys set to work tidying and sweeping our pitch until it looked spick and span.