TT to Airport 2017

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 20 Sep 2017 22:57
Team Tinson to Heathrow Airport
Our final ‘farewell’ of 2017 was to TT (Team Tinson – Kate, Mark, Jack and Seth) before they went off to school and work.
Our line-up minus my ‘office bag’. We spent the day emailing, ordering stuff to be sent to Beez, showers, smellies into case and time flew.
Quarter past three our two lovely valet men were hard at it. Steam cleaning the seats brought the interior up beautifully for her new owner – Kate.
IMG_4783  IMG_4785
Mark was home to take us to Heathrow at four o’clock. We needed our full three hours to get all the cases, two with dodgy-shaped metal objects I was concerned would raise questions and to queue at the return of VAT office. Well, bags in, no problems and getting through Security was not too bad but Bear had his bag rummaged. I went through the sniffy machine and had a cursory pat-down but my bags were unrummaged, except that I forgot to take my IPad out as I never usually travel with it. Oooops, that went through the xray on its own but all was well. The very nice people were very friendly and chatted.
A lovely lady had told us not to bother with the VAT office before bag drop as the queue was immense of about two hours, she had advised us to use the one beyond Security. Down we went and we were the only people in front of a lady who stamped our receipt with an “enjoy your flight”. Receipt in envelope, post box found and then down the longest, tallest escalator we have ever been on. At the bottom a hologram lady told us which train to get on (for some unknown reason I cannot put my usual black frames around these two pictures)............out of the train, time for a drink. On the plane for the thirteen hour flight, gate left on time but take-off a little late due to the immense distance we had to taxi. Our smashing stewardess, Sarah looked after us beautifully.
                     TT AND PARKER DID US PROUD