House and Tree

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Tue 7 Feb 2012 22:32
An Amazing Tree Hugging Experience

BB St Aug Bus 1 017

We woke this morning to a very big working girl coming through the Bridge of Lions


BF BoL Girl 008  BF BoL Girl 009

BF BoL Girl 019

The chap at the front gave steering instructions on his radio and Singleton came safely through

BB St Aug Bus 1 023
BF BoL Girl 016  BF BoL Girl 017
Yacht on the fuel jetty. The look on the captains face as he turned and suddenly saw the girl was priceless
BB St Aug Bus 1 026
She swung into the middle of the river she soon looked ‘small’
BB St Augustine 3 001  BB St Augustine 3 076
A new neighbour who really has the potential to join the One Careful Owner Brigade, love the generator.
BB St Aug Bus 1 152  BB St Aug Bus 1 153
We did a circuit on the tour trolleybus and had late lunch, Bear with his new chili stained ‘stache. Yes I know it needs a trim. Just as we finished Trooper appeared and we went for a bimble.
 BB St Aug Bus 1 167
Steve, Maggie and Trooper led us to a tree, at first glance - not an amazing tree 
BB St Aug Bus 1 166  BB St Aug Bus 1 162
Looking down we see a live oak happily and tenderly surrounding a palm tree
BB St Aug Bus 1 168
BB St Aug Bus 1 164 
BB St Aug Bus 1 160  BB St Aug Bus 1 163
BB St Aug Bus 1 165  BB St Aug Bus 1 161
What an incredible thing
BB St Aug Bus 1 175  BB St Aug Bus 1 178
BB St Aug Bus 1 176  BB St Aug Bus 1 177
Out on a little bimble; we were in an interesting street when I saw this house for sale, later curiosity to find out the details.
HISTORIC BAYFRONT Circa 1812-1814. A Second Spanish Period residence originally constructed of native shellstone(coquina). This renovated, modern residence; built around the original core structure will please and delight you inside and out. Lushly landscaped grounds, bricked patios, and arched loggia are enclosed by perimeter walls mandated by: "royal ordinance" of the King of Spain in 1573. The residence has evolved from humble beginnings to a 2800 sq. ft modern home plus detached double garage with studio apartment above. Your once in a lifetime opportunity to live in the colonial city on the bayfront in the historic Puello house. Please call for appointment to view.

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Price: $1,195,000