Kalaw Bimble

Beez Neez
Skipper and First Mate Millard (Big Bear and Pepe)
Sun 3 Dec 2017 23:37
Kalaw Bimble
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Our digs had no electricity from nine o’clock, once out on the street we could see why. Loads of dangling wires and a group of workers busily banging away at a joint or two.
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A young chap up the next pole, wearing flip flops of course, had the strangest climbing apparatus. A metal semi circle with a foot hold, when he took his weight off the coil loosened and he easily moved it up. We watched as he shimmied up the pole in seconds. Similar in many ways to watching Caribbeans do the same with rope foot ties up a coconut tree.
An interesting wooden house with a thatched roof.
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Lovely to see bright colours at the beginning of December.
We followed a road (hopefully leading to a cave pagoda) when the call came from the now head bent orienteerer, Stand Fast a road has just jumped into the map that wasn’t there a minute ago. OK, I’ll wait for destructions. The new appearance is the one we should be on. Back we went a little way and oh, the little blue ball is in the right place now. Music to my ears. What was that, nothing dear, nothing.
At the corner we found a really useful sign.............
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A surprise, a house that could be just about anywhere. Bear tells me the ‘scaffolding’ can be rented from next to where got off the bus.
Not sure how the granny would get to the flat or back down again.
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The houses definitely give the flavour that this was once a hill outpost that the Brits came to cool off from the heat of the plains.
A few more checks with modern equipment...........
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Bougainvillea, definitely could be in so many places. Bear does his final check.
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A check-point where everyone clearly has to dismount and walk through. Beyond, a fertile area being prepared for planting.
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Five minutes later we arrived at the cave pagoda, had fun with all the various Buddha images and warmed our cold feet on the warm tiles.
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On our way back to town we stopped at a coffee house for a cappucinno (I think I spell that in as many ways as a lot of the words here). No fancy machines, just packet stuff but it was really pleasant and the staff made us so very, very welcome.
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Once again the Clock Tower burst into sight. Today I went in search of a plaque, the one in Burmese proves to me why we cannot get beyond thank you and occasionally hello when we can remember it.
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The edge of town had more colonial looking buildings, the one in the middle displaying a 1953 mark. The High Street, with a wood fired pizza restaurant serving fresh pasta. Bear has his eyes there now he has got over his food poisoning. First, the shiny pagoda after exploring the town.
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I fell in love with the jacket on the left (twelve pounds) and the suit on the right (twenty two pounds), not available in jumbo then. Oo you have regained your health only to suffer serious injury..........and we were having such a nice day......Much better half an hour later when ‘himself’ was tucking into lasagne and a glass of red.
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We stopped at the corner shop to get some dry snacks for our train ride on the morrow. Happy Santa and a tree. 
                    SUNNY BUT COOL AT THIS HEIGHT