Day 2 to St Helena

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Wed 29 Jan 2020 06:00
31:55.43 S  15:27.61 E
Day 2 to St Helena
After a good sleep I came on at ten o’clock to find the sun shining. Overnight had been really, really cold. From two o’clock more clothes were added at regular intervals to the point I was wearing my actions trousers (men’s Marvel PJ bottoms), over those came a pair of men’s sweat leggings. On the top a vest, a thick tee shirt, sweatshirt and sweatshirt jacket, my famous Biggles flying hat and a pair of gloves. Feet enclosed in socks and fluffy slippers. The joy of warming up in bed was a pure delight.
So, out into the sunshine. Bear slept in bed (on short, hot passages he prefers settling in the cockpit) from two until six. I moved right a bit to allow Winning Rising to carry on her merry way to Cape Town I assumed. When I checked she was in fact China bound.
First ‘happy picture’ of the journey.
Late morning when Bear should have been resting he asked if I fancied trying backgammon. The men stayed put as the swell was not too big but he did get some lucky rolls as little white horses seemed to be on his side. Huh. Listen, losing five two was not pleasing......I deserved the win. Growling....
Lunch was cottage pie with lashings of melted cheese and baked beans – happy food.
P1280039  P1280040
I listened to Gary Barlow’s autobiography then went back to the many archived Desert Island Discs I have. Another gentle sunset.
Bear shut the back door during his ten p.m. to two a.m. shift as fine rain was blowing in on him.
Wind between 5 and 20 knots but the higher numbers few and far between on a pleasant sea.
At six this morning we have covered 115.9 nautical miles.
Total completed 195.9 nmiles.
                      LONG MAY IT CONTINUE UNCHANGED