Boxing Day 2014

Beez Neez now Chy Whella
Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Thu 25 Dec 2014 23:57
Boxing Day Badness
Rod and Brenda, State of Mind – on the left, were scooped from the quayside, only up for an afternoon visit but effectively stranded on Beez making up the usual six. Very soon the strawberry daiquiri intake meant they couldn’t leave......... We’ll think about sleeping arrangements much later............
IMG_1039  IMG_1040  IMG_1041
Cold meats, salad, pickles and course green peril – bubble and squeak happened. Mrs.Peek’s Christmas pudding failed to make her presence felt yesterday, these were the faces when threatened with her at five o’clock. An hour and a bit to gain the necessary room. Meanwhile............
Then we all met with a massive telling-off. Brenda was incredulous, Rod was incensed that none of us had ‘done a Tim Tam’. Chris and Steve at least knew what a Tim Tam was, the rest of us floundered. Apparently a Tim Tam looks a bit like a Penguin biscuit, you nibble opposite corners off and suck coffee through it. Oh. All we had were strawberry and chocolate Corinthian tube biscuits. A demo followed.
Armed with biscuits and wine we watched then tried.
IMG_1060  IMG_1061  IMG_1053
Rod took the challenge, well considering the circumstances, he did a sterling job. No need for a close-up of how the exercise ended.........
IMG_1062  IMG_1063
Chris stayed with her much favoured QF – a nifty divided shot glass, one half Baileys and the other Midouri, now known as Mrs. Midouri. For the usually very circumspect first mate of Scott-Free, these pictures have raised her standing with her children as a bit of a party animal.......Blame Beez influence, nothing to do with us.
Mrs. Peek made her appearance just after five, a full inch of heated French brandy, sadly the flame didn’t show up on the pictures.
IMG_1066  IMG_1067  IMG_1068
Loved the expressions on faces as they watch a naked flame on a boat.
IMG_1073  IMG_1074
Give a woman a weapon.........All Steve cared about was the custard.
IMG_1078  IMG_1079  IMG_1081
Carving time. Telling Rod off, what a great ‘look’ when he offered advice. Steady to the task.
IMG_1084  IMG_1085  IMG_1086
Custard monitored. Enough left to go a round with the mince pies. Contended, there I was thinking I was the only custard junkie.
Not me and his wingman woman.
Sometime during the evening the freezer went off. This was parked semi blocking the office door and the hallway to the steps, plugged in to the panel in the office. Bedtime was a giggle. Chris and Steve were already nestled in our room and bade us ‘goodnight’, a quick change of pillowcases and Rod and Brenda settled in the office. We took a settee each, Bear on the long right-hand one, me on the back one. Of course I had to wait to ensure Bear didn’t snore – Oh Boy Did He..... I had to nudge him many times but eventually he slept a dreamless sleep. I finally shut my eyes at gone two only to wonder at the powerful, white flashing light. Time to investigate. In the dark, between flashes, I minced around the fridge, up the steps and found one of our tiny solar bees giving it stacks. Covered over with a cloth it was now pitch black. How long can it take to descend some steps, feel your way around a fridge, find the back of the left-hand settee, head toward the far end, find the step that Steve likes to fall down, Oh remember the duct tape markings I’d put out the other day, yes, feel them with my toes. Find my settee, find the quilt cover, settle and stop giggling. Chocolate Moose and the boys were mid party. Rod suddenly shouted out in his sleep. Might as well have a night/early morning cap......... This is truly hard core camping........


                     REALLY GOOD FUN