To Hiroshima

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Big Bear and Pepe Millard
Mon 6 Nov 2017 23:27
To Hiroshima
Hiroshima to Nagasaki
Today we covered 421 kilometres or 261 miles on the Kamome 16 express train, a bullet train and a bus.
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We leave our room at half past nine and walk downhill to the station. Looking down and up the track.
IMG_0323  IMG_0325
As we stand on the platform we see the cleanest cement lorry ever, as another one comes on site a chap washes the entrance. Clean really means clean here in Japan, the firemen wear a shirt and tie, bus drivers wear a suit and white gloves and train ticket masters bow on entering and leaving a carriage.
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Our Kamone train arrived on the dot and we began an hour long journey, by the sea for half and countryside for the other half.
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IMG_0332  IMG_0334
Scenery as we have become accustomed too save the Stupa on the hill and a row of tents.
This lovely little fellow squawked at his sister to use her phone to play a game but soon gave up and went soundo.
IMG_0339  IMG_0340
We changed at Shin-Tosu and went up the stairs to wait for our Sakora 552 to arrive.
Not my favourite bullet train in white livery but a fast and smooth ride.
IMG_0345  IMG_0346
I type a blog on this one and twenty minute journey and as we close on Hiroshima we have typical town views. On asking Bear how long I had...........oooo ten minutes........with that the intercom piped up “we will be shortly stopping at Hiroshima”, see Pepe rush to shut down, stow her laptop, pack up our picnic and scurry for the door. I was only going on what my phone said (he does like to follow our progress on his app). Yes dear, yes.
Then it was his turn to hurry me, I went off to get a stamp in my book and take this picture, he went to Tourist Information to find out about buses. Quick, we have to go downstairs to the bus station, get on number two, waggle our JR Passes and get off at stop number seven. Lead on McDuff.
Sitting on the bus moments later, a Stupa on the hill.
IMG_0352  IMG_0353
Buses resting in the middle and off we go.
Trolley buses as in Nagasaki.
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A fleeting look at the famous dome as we pass by. We get out at the edge of the Peace Park and see the fountain and one of the many statues.
IMG_0366  IMG_0367
All we have to do is cross the main road where I enjoy a raised bed and the shade of a ginkgo tree............
................cross the river and there is our digs.
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I suppose it had to happen somewhere, we were welcomed by a little ‘chap’.
IMG_0376  IMG_0378  IMG_0379
Beds settled knowing Bear can’t fall out of bed, we do have a bit of space for Bear to sit at the end of the bed in front of the window but being on the 11th floor it only opens a sliver. (our room is slightly wider than one of the windows seen in the hotel picture above). We do have a bit of a corridor from the window, passing the bed and step up into the bathroom. No hot seat, this is too much but room to park our cases in the cupboard just beyond next to the door. Here we are not to be trusted as they have given us a mark to which we can fill the bath.
IMG_0374  IMG_0375
Our view left and right. Further to the right is the Peace Park, our first place to bimble on the morrow.
                     VERY SMOOTH JOURNEY