Wollongong Yacht Club Social Sail

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 24 Mar 2024 06:15

Moored Wollongong Boat Harbour
Wind: ENE, F2 - gentle breeze
Sea: rippled Swell: nil
Weather: sunny, mild
Day's Run: 12nm

My departure for Sydney has been delayed by 24 hours. One of the reasons for my pulling into Wollongong was to catch up with some friends from the Wollongong Yacht Club and as they were having a social sail today I thought it would be nice to participate.

Consequently, this morning we got up early to let the fishing boat that we were berthed outboard of proceed to sea. Then, once they had departed, we secured back alongside to the big black rubber tyres lining the walls of the dock. Later, at around 1000, I went ashore to the small building that houses the Yachties' Cafe and the Wollongong Yacht Club to meet up with some of the club's members. Conditions were perfect for a pleasant sail, with a light breeze from the ENE and calm seas. Some five boats participated. We sailed in loose company around Bass Islet and back to the harbour, returning at around 1500.

When I got back into the harbour, the fishing boat that I had been secured to had not yet returned. Her crew had told me that they expected to be returning sometime in the afternoon and as I did not want to obstruct their berth, instead of going alongside I picked up the public mooring which had become vacant earlier in the day.

After all the WYC boats had returned to their moorings, the yacht club's tender came over and picked me up to take me back to the club house. There I enjoyed a drink with some old friends and met some new ones. Now I have returned to Sylph. The plan is to have dinner, get a good night's sleep, then get under way in the morning and continue north to Sydney.

All is well.