South Australia

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 19 Nov 2016 03:03
Noon Position: 38 02.6 S 140 21.2 E
Course: West Nor’ West Speed: 1.5 knots
Wind: South West, F2 – gentle air
Sea: slight Swell: South West 2 meters
Weather: sunny, mild
Day’s Run: 70 nm

We enjoyed a gentle breeze overnight which kept Sylph moving at a consistent three to four knots. Around midnight we crossed into South Australian waters, so we are getting closer to our goal of SA’s capital city. Unfortunately, now the breeze has faded to almost nothing. We drifted for much of the morning with the only perceptible air being generated by the two meter swells undulating their way towards the coast. Now we have some sail back up in a breeze which the Bureau promises me will freshen into a nice fair breeze for tonight. This is excellent! It will take us to Robe where I can catch up with my sister.

All is well.