Day 95 – Wind Increasing

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 18 Mar 2022 10:38
Noon Position: 45 31.7 S 035 07.5 E
Course: SE Speed: 6.5 knots
Wind: N, F6 Sea: moderate
Swell: NW 2 m
Weather: overcast, cool
Day’s Run: 138nm (105nm Easting)

The wind has gradually picked up since yesterday afternoon. At 1720 we poled the jib out to port with the wind broad off the port quarter. At 2110, with the wind at the high end of force 4 and forecast to increase further, we put a reef in the main and rolled the jib down to 80%, under which we continued overnight to the SE. At 0730 this morning, we dropped the pole and came onto a broad reach. At 0825 it was time for two reefs in the main and an hour ago, at 1110, with a front expected to pass over in a few hours time, I put a third reef in the main and rolled the jib down to 50%.
We have made good progress and, with the winds forecast to remain fresh and to back into the WNW, we should raise the Prince Edward Islands tomorrow towards midday.
The crew, all things considered, is in good shape. The inflammation on my forehead has not gotten any worse and while it is a little too early to tell yet, the antibiotics seem to be taking effect. We should know for sure by tomorrow, so hopefully tomorrow’s post will have two things to celebrate.
All is well.