WPR 32 – Topsides Plus

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 11 Oct 2020 06:41

This week’s focus, as well as continuing all the myriad minor jobs that need doing before Sylph is ready to hit the water, has been preparing the topsides for a fresh coat of paint. Unfortunately, a minor snag has been deciding the colour of the finish. I had purchased some paint back in Australia which I thought would be similar to the previous colour but it is a bit darker and Kate reckons it is too yellow. In order to help resolve the dilemma I have painted some of the topsides in various shades but this does not seem to have helped. A decision will be made soon. (No, I did not mutter anything about single-handed sailing!) Hopefully, if we get a break in the weather, we will complete the topsides this week.

What shade do you prefer (anything but boring white)?:


Among the myriad of jobs I have been progressing is making some new struts for the windvane self-steering. The last pair of struts I had made out of some gal water pipe while in Japan, the only thing available at the time. The gal pipe has performed remarkable well but of course rust was inevitable, so replacing them with stainless is the obvious solution.

The table is now installed and I think looks great. Hopefully it will be equally functional.


We bought some nice new anchor chain which is now stowed in the cable locker. Ironically, because Sylph’s windlass is an old Muir manual it takes a funny size link which is only made in Australia. Consequently, I had to have the chain imported from Australia. Clearly, I should have replaced it before leaving.

Cable laid out for marking:


And stowed:


Today I polished the fuel that has been sitting in drums for the last eight months using Sylph’s fuel pump and filters prior to returning it to the refurbished fuel tanks. Now that is done, I can reinstall the fuel system. The other engine job completed today was reinstalling the syphon breaker for the exhaust cooling water.

Fuel polishing in progress:


The coach house deck is repainted, the starboard aft window has been installed and we have started repainting the dodger.

There are lots more little jobs that need to be done but many of them can be done when we are back in the water. So, I am going to tempt fate and tentatively set a relaunch date for Friday 23 October. I catch my breath at the thought of feeling Sylph come alive again.

All is well.