Good Progress

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 11 Dec 2008 18:29
December 11, 2008
Noon Position: 35 13.8 N 073 25.8 W
Course: Northwest Speed: 6 knots
Wind: South sou'west, strong breeze
Weather: Overcast, mild, moderate seas
Day's Run: 169 miles

The wind is freshening as forecast. I am expecting the worst of it tonight
and tomorrow with the wind veering into the west (a headwind of course) and
increasing to 35 - 40 knots. Yuck!
Currently we are down to a triple reefed mainsail and about a third of the
jib, despite the reduced sail area we are making reasonable progress in the
direction we want to go. I am hoping to get as close to Chesapeake Bay as I
can before the front comes through because then we will undoubtedly be
heaved to until the worst passes.
Unfortunately in putting in the third reef I tore the leech of the sail,
this happens when some of the sail gets caught by the reef line and is
pulled through the reef cringle. I try to watch out for this but it is
difficult when by my self. Bother, I am going to have to repair this before
I can set more sail, and you can't get very far with the third reef unless
the wind is either near gale force or well aft. Nonetheless, small bickkies
in the grand scheme of things.
Yesterday I baked a loaf of bread - already half eaten - and made a big pot
of curry so I would have plenty left over today and can minimize cooking in
the rough conditions. Keep your fingers crossed, maybe it won't be as bad
as I am expecting.
We have made excellent progress over the past three days, averaging 150
miles a day, good going for old Sylph. I can here the US Coast Guard on the
VHF radio so we are getting closer to the home stretch.

Bob Cat:

I thought we weren't going to do this anymore. Skipper Bob must be in
better spirits. Anyway, it's the same old same old, grubs terrible, the
abode moves all over the place making sleeping difficult, but we manage.

All is well.