The Plan - Part 2 Change 2

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 13 Sep 2010 22:36

Position: 39 53.3 S 073 23.3 W
At anchor Bahia Corral
Wind: North, F4, moderate breeze
Weather: Overcast, cool
Day’s Run: 53 miles

Last night proved to be a very pleasant sail, against a light headwind but the seas were relatively calm.  A big swell was running, no doubt a result of the deep low to the southwest of us, but the swell was so long that Sylph rose and fell to it so gently I could barely tell that it was there. Early this morning, at 3.30, the wind picked up a notch and had Sylph heeling and driving into the slowly building seas. I reduced sail which kept things comfortable. However we were not making good the course we needed with the headwind but rather were heading towards the coast towards Bahia Corral.  The forecasts for the next couple of days were for strong headwinds, as previously mentioned quite contrary to what I had in mind when I left Puerto Montt.  With a view to saving wear and tear on Sylph, BC and me Bahia Corral looked a good place to seek shelter. We were going to arrive at the entrance just after dawn and on a making tide, not one to ignore propitious omens I thought so be it.  As dawn approached the wind continued to freshen, and at 7.45 we eased sheets to make for the entrance which opens to the northwest. All was going well, I had studied the charts and selected an anchorage, when at 8.30 the wind inexplicably died and switched direction 180 degrees. This puzzled me, we were once again punching into a light headwind. The changing tide and the vacillating wind made for a lumpy sea at the entrance, the engine was already running, warming up, as I always like to make sure it is going to start well before I need it, so rather than take several hours trying to sail against a light and variable headwind in a confused sea I furled the jib and, feeling rather guilty, pushed the engine into gear and motored the last five miles to the anchorage.

Now we are at anchor close by a small island, Isla Mancera. It is marked in my cruising guide as a recommended anchorage but now that we are here I can’t say I am overly impressed with it as it appears rather open to the north nor’ west, the direction which we are expecting strong winds from. I figure if it becomes too boisterous I can move a little around the island to get better protection but have decided to sit tight for the moment as we are right near a jetty which will be good for going ashore later. My plan is to stay on board this afternoon and tonight, the winds should ease tomorrow and then I may go for a bit of an explore.

Hey, we are out of the roaring forties, just!.

All is well.


Bob Cat:

Good plan slipper, no point being out there, my abode plunging and leaning this way and that, the food bowl sliding hither and thither, the water bowl splashing everywhere, the bano del gato a veritable death trap, etc etc. No, this is one of your better decisions. Now what’s the chance of a nice piece of fish? No hurry, well not too much of a hurry, I am a little peckish after being confined to my bunk for so long. Not that I got too much quality sleep time. So when its ready you know where I’ll be … zzzzzzzzzzzzz