Arrived Port Phillip - continued

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 7 Dec 2017 03:13

Our luck held. Slack water at Port Phillip Heads was as 2255 and we were about three miles off at 2200 just as the wind was dying. I persisted sailing for a while but when Sylph’s speed dropped below one knot I reluctantly started the engine so as to get to anchor and enjoy some sleep. Seeing as there was little wind and tidal stream, conditions at the Heads were about as calm as I have ever seen them. Once inside the sea was totally calm, we had a cool gentle breeze and the flood tide was beginning to be with us so I shut down the motor and continued sailing for a bit in the light of a three quarter moon. The breeze didn’t last for long however and around half past midnight we were drifting at less than a knot with the sails hanging limp in the cool night air. Once again I started the engine and motored east along the Southern Channel to make for anchor off Sorrento. The last time I anchored off Sorrento we managed to get the anchor fouled of a disused mooring chain so this time I rigged a trip-line to the anchor with a fender as a buoy, just in case. At 0130 we came to anchor in four meters of water just clear of the channel and the mooring field.

Now I have had a good rest and am waiting to hear from my brother Mark to make a plan for the next few days. It is my niece’s birthday tomorrow, she turns eight, so this is good timing – I think. It is calm for now but a strong wind warning is out for west and southerly winds over the next twenty four hours or so. I will remain here tonight as it is sheltered from these directions then early tomorrow make my way to the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria marina for a few nights.

All is well.