Royal Yacht Club of Victoria

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 23 Aug 2011 04:50

Position: 38 11.46 S 144 45.49 E
Alongside Royal Yacht Club of Victoria
Wind: North nor' west, F4 moderate breeze
Weather: Sunny, mild
Day's run: 34 nm

Last night I turned in a little anxious about where we had anchored. While it was dead calm when we came to anchor yesterday afternoon, a fresh northerly was forecast for the night and we would have been in a very bad location when the wind did pick up. On the other hand I didn't want to spend half the night drifting or motoring around Port Phillip Bay waiting. So I set the alarm to get me up every few hours with the idea to weigh as soon as a workable breeze arrived. At midnight it was still mirror smooth, my two o'clock alarm failed to go off, either that or I slept through it, nonetheless I awoke at around three to the sound of waves slapping under the counter - the northerly had arrived and was blowing against the inbound tide. I immediately arose and prepared to get underway. The breeze was only light initially, and it was a pleasant sail up the Bay, a clear sky with a crescent moon directly overhead, a cool fresh breeze, smooth seas and the light of Melbourne's CBD in the distance, a beacon beckoning us on. Port Phillip is a very large and open bay and it was not until 10.40 that we again came to anchor, this time in the shelter of a beach near Princess Pier which is very close to the city. As northerlies were forecast for the next few days I thought this would be a nicely sheltered spot until the wind changed direction.

While I cleaning up thinking about meeting my brother Mark and where I could securely leave the dinghy I received an unexpected phone call from an old Navy colleague I hadn't heard from in over ten years. After a little chat he managed to arrange a berth for Sylph at the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, and so here we are. I have been made very welcome and now I shall be able to visit Mark tonight with Sylph secure in a marina berth providing for that extra peace of mind. Thank you Peter.

All is well.