A Good Day's Run

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 9 Dec 2012 05:26
Noon Position: 37 46.0 S 149 33.8 E
Course: South west Speed 6.5 knots
Wind: North east F4 moderate breeze
Weather: mostly sunny, warm
Day's run: 146 Nm.

We are now some 55 miles past Twofold Bay and I reckon we will make another 30 or so miles before the front comes through this evening, so I definitely think it was worth pressing on with the favourable breeze. It is a pity there are not a few more havens along this part of the coast, but I guess that is part of the fun of cruising. We shall see how I feel about my decision this time tomorrow, by then the worst of the southerly change should be past.

All is well.