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Bob Williams
Wed 27 Jun 2012 06:45

Position: 37 50 50 S 144 55.17 E
At anchor Hobsons Bay
Wind: SE F1, light air
Weather: mostly sunny, cool

This morning we made our way over to Hobsons Bay in anticipation of the strong northerlies forecast for tomorrow. We sailed from anchor but the wind died completely and as I wanted to make the most of the calm conditions and the sunshine I flashed up the engine and motored the remaining short distance.  Once at anchor it was out paint pots to get the port side deck finished. I completed what I wanted to get done for the day and all that remains now is for application of the non-skid paint which with a little luck I will complete tomorrow if it isn't too windy.  Then I can move onto the next area that needs attention, I will probably redo the aft deck next.

After feeling the cold while at anchor last night (RC just doesn't generate enough BTUs), this afternoon I tried to get the diesel heater working. It hasn't been used for ages so it needed quite a bit of cleaning but despite a thorough clean of the carburettor it still isn't getting enough fuel through. Oh well, enough for one day, I will defer pursuing this messy job further for another time, it isn't that cold yet.

All is well.