Tangoio Bay

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 5 Dec 2020 23:18

Positions: 39 20.28 S  176 55.89 E
At anchor Tangoio Bay
Wind: E F2  Sea: slight  Swell: E 0.5m
Weather: sunny, warm
Day’s run: 13 nm

We enjoyed a pleasant sail yesterday afternoon in the relative shelter of Hawkes Bay as we made our way to our planned anchorage, Tangoio Bay, which is little more than a dent in the shoreline of the much bigger Hawkes Bay. The breeze freshened from the northwest as we approached, and we tacked our way close into the beach where we dropped anchor at 1610 in 8 meters of water. The forecast was for 15 knots from the southwest during the night, from which direction the bay offers little shelter, so we anchored a little way south of the Akarana Sailing Club Cruising Guide’s recommended spot so as to allow a bit of room in case we needed to put to sea during the night. However, after an initial squall passing over, the breeze remained relatively light and we experienced a comfortable night.

This morning, with winds forecast to shift into the northwest, we have moved closer into the bluff that forms the bay’s northern shore so that we might row ashore for a leg stretch later this afternoon.

The medium term plan is to remain at anchor for a couple of days, weather permitting, while monitoring the weather forecasts to determine when the next opportunity for continuing south might be. Once we have a promising weather window opening up (or as determined by the weather and/or crew morale), we will move back alongside Napier Sailing Club for a day or two to replenish supplies

All is well.