Wilsons Prom and Beyond

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 21 Aug 2011 03:36

Noon Position: 38 55.6 S 145 47.1 E
Course: Northwest, Speed 1 knots
Wind: North, F1? Light air
Weather: Sunny, mild
Day's run: 96 nm

Bass Strait continues its run of fair weather, with a nice big high pressure system dominating the area. Last night was another very pleasant sail, with the wind mostly behind us from the east, we negotiated Wilsons Promontory and the numerous small islands thereabouts ... not too difficult, it is a big shipping route after all. Once again it was a clear night with bright shining stars and at midnight the gibbous moon rose throwing the silhouettes of the tall rocks and islets emerging precipitously from the depths into clear relief, which also made the navigation that much easier.

But now that the high pressure system has passed over the top of us we are becalmed. The wind will no doubt pick up but when it does it will be a freshening head wind. I hope to make it into Port Phillip Bay before it gets too fresh, now only 64 miles away but at our current speed this is a very long way.

As Peter Pye not so famously said, “Some wind will come.”

All is well.