Green, green grow ...

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 7 Jul 2009 23:36
At anchor Kinsale
Wind: Southwest, fresh
Weather: sunny. passing light showers

I caught a bus into Cork this morning. Harry, the rigger picked up the shroud requiring replacement yesterday, so I thought to make the most of today away from the boat and see some of this famous city. Cork was fine but the best part of the day was the trip into Cork in the bus; I can see why Ireland is called the Emerald Isle, at least this part of it, it is so very green.

I was contemplating the river bank as I rowed back to Sylph yesterday evening, it contained every shade of green of which I could conceive and nothing but green. The dense dark undergrowth marking the darkest shade, the tree's trunks covered in green vines, the steep embankent formed tiers of different shades as the foliage move skyward; dark bottle greens, deep emerald greens, light jade greens, and all shades in between, and not a glimpse of un-green to be seen

And on the bus to Cork this morning - broad flat green fields striated by overflying clouds into rolling bands of dark and light; broken by boundaries of tall green shrub hedges; our narrow road riband shaded between walls of dark green trees, the sunlit green fields shining brightly through their green leaved branch gaps; villages, small collections of houses surrounded by short cropped smooth green lawns; the odd brown field mown for hay, neat rolls of long dry grass geometrically arranged evenly across the fields, accentuated the green all around them.

Inside the bus the radio plays: Michael Jackson's funeral dominates, California's version of culture is talked about, a copy of Michelangelo's "David" - art?

Bob the Cat:

Green! I'll give you an earful of green! Where's the food? Green jealous envy, green livid fear, green raw anger, green naïve love, green sallow seasickness, green eyed monsters, green grovelling curs, green glowering gratitude, green growling courage, green gleaming goodness, - green, green, alright already with the green! . I am going to get a good cat's dark black night (i.e. no g***n) sleep. Zzzzzz! (emphatically asleep).