Sailing Delaware Bay

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 13 May 2009 02:11
It is now 8.40 pm and we are pretty much smack bang in the middle of
Delaware Bay with a very light following breeze. The tide has been with us
for the last several hours which has certainly helped progress but it
will turn soon at which point I hope to be in some shallow water so we can
drop the anchor and wait for either the wind to pick up or for the tide to
start ebbing again and perhaps flush us out into the deep blue sea.
This morning after a very peaceful sleep, so peaceful I didn't get up until
8 o'clock, we had breakfast, weighed anchor and motored through the
Delaware/Chesapeake Canal, stopping at a fuel dock for, well fuel of course,
and to fill the water tanks. Once into the Delaware Bay despite the very light wind we dispensed with the engine and set sail drifting with the tide as much as sailing.
The breeze is picking up just a little now so we will see how it goes for
the night, though another quiet night at anchor sounds very appealing.

Bob Cat:

How did I get into this. Not that anything has changed very much, except
skipper Bob seems to be on board full time again. As long as he doesn't
disturb my work, all will be well.
All is well.