Lousy Weather

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 21 Jul 2011 05:16

At anchor Tuncurry Channel, Cape Hawke Harbour
South sou' west, F4-5 fresh to strong breeze
Overcast, raining, cool

I am glad I decided to pull into Forster-Tuncurry, the weather is awful. Fortunately we are fairly well protected from the wind here, though with the near constant rain there is not much work I can do on the boat. Nonetheless I hope to solve the wind-vane rudder problem before leaving, or at least have another go at it so that when we get to Sydney I will be in a position to take the next iterative step - getting to be a bit like Edison's light bulb. Speaking of which thanks once again to Tristan and his Dad who have suggested adding an aluminium tab to the aft edge of the rudder to help stabilise it. This seems a relatively simple and flexible solution which I will be able to fiddle around with and with luck will thereby ultimately get the balance just right. I have made the tab, now just waiting for a bit of a break in the weather and when the tide isn't rushing in or out so I can take the rudder off and fit the thing.

Meanwhile reading Dostoevsky's “The Idiot”, very good, though I really must get around to reading something from the 20th century soon.

Tried to watch a movie at the cinema yesterday, not having been to the moving pictures in years. There doesn't seem to be much worth watching at the moment, but I went in to see “Bridesmaids” on the recommendation of the ticket seller; she assured me it wasn't really a chick's flick at all and was very funny. Right form the start I sat squirming uncomfortably in my seat through the bad taste jokes waiting for it to lift itself out of the ribald toilet humour genre, but after an hour gave up and decided despite the rain I had better things to do.

Looking at the forecast, Sunday may be a good day to continue south.

All is well.