Good Breeze - More Fog

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 25 Jun 2008 16:08
Noon Position: 49 29.2 N 050 24.2 W
Course: North Northeast Speed: 5 knots
Wind: West, gentle breeze
Weather: Fog
Day's Run: 127 miles

We've had a good run over the last 24 hours, a nice steady breeze from the
south has gradually veered into the west as we push north into an
approaching low pressure system; which is all well and good, but the fog!
Yesterday afternoon it came and went as we transited through fog banks lying
off the Newfoundland coast, now, as we clear into the Labrador Basin, the
fog has become thick and continuous. As mentioned yesterday I have shaped
our course so that we transit areas where there are few or no reported
icebergs, currently we are in a quadrant where there are supposed to be
none. Also we are well north of any shipping lanes. So, while anxiously
peering into the wet white wall surrounding us fails to penetrate and reveal
what lies beyond, I comfort myself that the odds of us hitting anything are
hopefully approaching a very small number.
The forecast is for the winds to increase and continue to veer into the
north, cursed headwinds, and undoubtedly cold, but at least it should clear
the fog.
Bob Cat appears almost happy to be at sea, he has come out of hiding and for
a geriatric cat, for so the veterinarian described him, he has become quite
playful, he prowls the chart table, plays with erasers and pencils and of
course inspects closely, giving a paw and the odd claw to my chart work.
As I look around the sun is starting to burn through the fog, maybe we will
get some clear weather before the day is over. It would be nice to have a
horizon beyond a 100 yards. Now I must attend to lunch, some left over
curry simmering on the stove top.
All is well.

Bob Cat:

Part of my mission, assigned to me by my human's Mom, was to maintain morale
and monitor the mental health of the skipper. Well as is obvious all humans
are essentially deranged, I think the Egyptians were approaching
enlightenment but then along came the Romans and ruined everything. But for
better or for worse my species hooked up with you humans some time back, so
we do what we can and if a dignified mature cat needs to move small
nondescript objects in meaningless circles across large flat surfaces to
amuse one's companion, then so be it.