Any More Holes?

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 3 Oct 2014 03:50

Ashore at Raibow Boat Yard, Seward
Weather: sunny, cool

Here we are a week after my last blog update, still on the hard, and still working hard to get Sylph's hull back in shape. There has been a lot more work than I anticipated. The starboard water tank is still sitting in the middle of the saloon, dominating almost every aspect of my life, and there is still a lot more work to do, but, and this is a very provisional but, I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and not the light of day shining through any more holes in Sylph's hull.

The starboard side of the hull under the water tank is now all patched up, and yesterday I started painting it. More importantly, the grinding and sanding has ceased for the moment below decks, so I can now start to clean up and hopefully will not have to live amongst a lot of grime and dust for much longer. Poor old RC has had to endure a great deal of inconvenience. During the day when I have been grinding and welding he invariably seeks some degree of peace in the dark corners of at the back end of the quarter berth. Over the last several days the white part of his coat has been looking a light shade of brown, and when he sits on my lap he invariable tracks dusty paw prints over my jeans. Not that it matters much, as nothing stays clean for very long in our current living environment. This part of the long term live aboard life style is certainly nothing to crow about.

I think I have one more pin sized hole to deal with (for this haul out), somewhere under the V-berth. I am hoping that it will prove a minor job, but I will not be able to look at it properly until the water tank is back in place so I can then move all the cushions that belong in the saloon off the V-berth. At least the weather has been kind and, with luck, I hope to be back in the water in a bit over a week.

All is well.