Whyalla Boat Harbour

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 7 Jun 2012 23:49
Position: 33 02.44 S 137 35.57 E
At anchor Whyalla Boat Harbour
Wind: East F2, slight breeze
Weather: sunny, cool
Day's run: 67 nm

We came to anchor in the Whyalla Boat Harbour last night at 11 pm. The flooding tide gave us a significant push up the Gulf turning only a few hours before we arrived. My charts and guides are all out of date for this area, initially I was heading for a boat harbour at the entrance to the main harbour as while it was further out of town it looked like it would be easy to enter at night. As we approached I thought that I could check the internet to get an up to date picture. This I was able to do about five miles out and I am glad I did because the boat harbour I was heading for no longer exists, I was going to have to head for a newer smaller boat harbour to the south where the old T jetty used to be, a jetty my brother John remembers very well as a young boy.

Whyalla is where John, Peter and I mostly grew up, hence the attraction for me to visit before I leave South Australian waters again for an indefinite period. Today we will do a bit of a tour of memory lane then tomorrow we will probably get underway again.

The sun is shining, it is a beautiful winter's day and I had best get out there to make the most of it.

All is well.