A Snorkel at Low Isles

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 7 Sep 2019 03:19

Position: 16 22.89 S   145 33.52 E
Moored Low Isles
Wind: calm
Sea: calm  Swell: negligible
Weather: sunny, warm
Day’s Run:  9 nm

We arrived at Low Isles at 1445 yesterday where we picked up a convenient visitor’s mooring. After settling, I got the dinghy over the side and Kate and I rowed ashore to try out our new snorkelling gear that we had purchased in Cooktown. This was Kate’s first snorkel and, with Low Isles being something of a tourist destination, it was an ideal place for her to gain a little confidence. The patch of reef is an easy swim from the beach and there is plenty of help nearby if needed. I am pleased to report that it all went smoothly and Kate now declares that she is sold on snorkelling, a claim she proved this morning by going for a swim from the boat to the nearby reef patch immediately to the east of us off Woody Island. Apparently, she was rewarded with a swim with a turtle which I am afraid I missed out on.

Today is windless, so the plan is to remain here today and then proceed to Fitzroy Island tomorrow. We will continue to work our way south as the wind allows, hopefully catching up again with brother Michael and nieces Ella and Kaylah at Townsville or Mackay, or maybe both.

 All is well.