Voyage Complete

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 9 Oct 2011 03:23

Position: 34 49.04 S 138 30.6 E
Alongside Port River Marina
Wind: West, F3 gentle breeze
Weather: sunny, mild

No sea breeze came and we drifted for several hours yesterday afternoon until 18.00 when a light breeze started to fill in from the south, to which we set the main and drifter wing on wing. At 20.00 the wind picked up a little and veered to the south west so I gybed, dropped the drifter and set the jib, again wing on wing, and later, at 23.30, the wind veered further so I dropped the pole and we reached away before a gentle westerly on smooth seas making good a serene six knots. As we approached the entrance to Port Adelaide Outer Harbour I called port control to check for shipping movements; one ship, the Accolade was due to come out, so I told port control I was proceeding into the river and would keep out of Accolade's way, with which they were happy. At the Outer Harbour entrance the wind pretty much died so I flashed up the engine and we motored the remaining eight miles of our voyage around the world to the Port River Marina, where we arrived at 3.20 this morning. (Dragging this out – coz this is the end, my friends.)

World Voyage complete – what next? I ask myself.

All is well.