Farewell Max

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sat 25 Aug 2007 00:11
Position: 49 06.079 N 058 13.057 W
At anchor Woods Island Harbor

Yesterday Max the departed the ship to fly home; we shall miss his repartee,
his guitar playing, his superb pancakes and I shall miss beating him at
pool. That now leaves Erin and me the job of getting Sylph back to
Annapolis. Yesterday we fuelled, victualled, watered, laundered and
generally got the boat ready for sea and this morning we slipped from the
Bay of Islands Yacht club at 11 a.m. to sail to the nearby Woods Island.
Woods Island had looked a nice spot as we passed it on the way in to Corner
Brook so we thought we would do a little local exploring before leaving the
area and continuing south.