Sir Jack

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Mon 30 May 2011 04:12
Moored Neiafu
Partly cloudy, calm, warm

I was coming back from the markets with some fresh vegies and a couple of souvenirs on Saturday morning when I noticed an unusual character sitting in the shade of a small hut. I had first seen him when clearing in, he had arrived by a Moorings charter boat at the same time as Sylph. He was wearing a pair of baggy white shorts down to his knees with two patches on the front and one on the seat, a black T-shirt with a skeleton rib cage on it, a black flack jacket and a bandanna holding his long unkempt hair form his face. We started a conversation and he introduced himself as Si, or Jack. Apparently someone had nicknamed him after Jack Sparrow because of his piratical appearance. As Saturday was my birthday and Si was friendly and seemed mostly harmless and rather interesting I invited him to join me for a few beers in the evening, So I now have a new friend, something of a character, and I have come to the conclusion perhaps a little crazy, but then I reckon I am not exactly the sanest person on the planet either. More later.

All is well.