Going Slow

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 10 Sep 2013 06:36
Noon Position: 21 34.8 S 150 11.9 E
Course: North east, Speed 3 knots
Wind East F2 light breeze
Sea: calm, Swell: negligible
Weather: sunny, warm

The forecast for the next several days is for light and variable winds, definitely not ideal conditions for old Sylph. Nonetheless, I feel the need for put some miles under the keel, so, after breakfast, given that there was a usable breeze blowing I decided to get underway. By nine o’clock the dinghy was stowed, the sails set, and the anchor aweigh. We tacked against the light breeze out between Middle Island and the Pine Islets immediately to the west of West Bay, and once clear set course to the North West as best we could. Unfortunately the forecast has proven pretty accurate thus far, and we have spent few hours drifting. Still, there is always a positive side to things. It is the whale migration season and the calm condition make for great whale watching. Indeed I spotted a couple of small humpbacks heading south in the distance less than an hour ago. Hopefully we will get some better sightings over the next few days.

I was planning on heading for Scawfell Island, but, given the light winds, I think we will just see where we end up. For now a nice little breeze is with us and we are making a very pleasant three knots, which will do very nicely.

All is well.