Sailed Wollongong

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Wed 29 Nov 2017 04:29

1500 Position: 34 34.0 S 150 57.1 E
Course: South; Speed: 5 knots
Wind: East, F3 (gentle breeze)
Sea: slight; Swell: East 0.5 m
Weather: mostly sunny

Sylph and I have enjoyed a very pleasant sojourn in the delightful confines of the Wollongong Boat Harbour, one of the pleasantest spots one could visit on the NSW coast. Over the last several months I have progressed a little bit of maintenance on Sylph (never enough), completed two more units towards my degree (six to go), and seen to some minor medical matters (all good so far). Now, with Christmas approaching, it seems a good idea to catch up with family in Adelaide and Melbourne so, with this in mind, Sylph and I are heading south for the summer. It is a relatively tame voyage for the old Sylph, one that we have completed five times before (or is it six?), though it has its challenges and one should never become complacent when heading offshore in a small boat.

For now we are making good a very satisfying five knots in a light easterly breeze. I suspect we might have a bit of current helping us along.

All is well.


Sylph departing Wollongong Boat Harbour (Photo: Kate Jenkins)

Sylph leaving Wollongong