A Good Day's Run

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 16 Jun 2009 15:22
Noon Position: 50 50.0 N 015 10.0 W
Course: Northeast , 4 knots
Wind: West, light
Weather: Overcast, light drizzle. Sea: slight on a low swell
Day's Run: 162 miles

Fresh winds overnight allowed us to make an excellent 24 hour run of 162 miles, and that with two reefs in the main for much of it. Now the wind has eased off again, so much so that I have had to drop the mainsail to stop it from flogging itself to pieces, along with the rest of the boat and my nerves, as the boat rolls in the residual swell . The wind is forecast not to remain light for long and will be back up to 25 knots plus from the west by tomorrow.

I am not really sure how much further we have to go because I haven't decided where to make our landfall. Cork looks a nice safe harbour to aim for but this means I will have missed all of the west coast, and will have to double back if I wish to explore it which I am loathe to do. So I am currently poring over some charts and pilots to work out what other options I have.

If we aim for Cork we have just under 200 miles before we raise the infamous Fastnet Light, then another 63 miles to the harbour entrance, so three more days still looks like a fair guess at an ETA. Bantry Bay looks another good option, more open to the strong westerly winds but quite a bit closer and not so far removed from the west coast. Lots to ponder.

Fortunately nothing eventful to report today.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

Skipper Bob actually had a shave and scrubbed himself up a bit this moring. About time too,! I don't like to be rude but .. let's just say that I will be able to sleep that little bit easier now. Zzzzzzz.