Where Next?
Bob Williams
Fri 17 Aug 2007 18:20

Noon Position:  49 26.3 N  054 58.0 W

Course: 355  Speed:  5.5 knots

Wind:  South 15 knots


We enjoyed the company of the Lewisporte Yacht Club members last night and welcomed our new crew member Erin on board with good conversation into the early hours this morning.  Nonetheless we were up in time to be to be underway at 9.15.  We have now cleared the plethora of islands and are out into the open sea, a mild swell has us rolling lightly, we have shifted into sea watches and Erin is on watch.  The forecast is for continuing southerly winds overnight going light tomorrow.  The skies are overcast with the odd short shower.  If the wind holds good we should be at the northern most point of Newfoundland by tomorrow afternoon.  From there we have to decide whether we continue on for a little while, maybe touch the coast of Labrador or whether we turn left into Bell Isle Strait and start making our way direct to Sydney, Nova Scotia, so that Max can connect with his flight home.  We’ll see how everyone is feeling this time tomorrow and decide then.