Wind? Wind!

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Tue 2 Feb 2010 19:00
Noon Position: 52 26.0 S 067 28.2 W
Course: South sou' east Speed: 5 knots
Wind: West F4 Moderate breeze
Weather: Sunny, cool
Day's Run: 116 nm

Fickle winds continued for much of the afternoon as ominous looking clouds
built up in the west, the barometer had bottomed out and was just starting
to rise, a sure sign some wind is nigh. At 18.30 I noted in the log "Wind?"
as we drifted, sails limp in the still air; at 19.00 I noted "Wind!", now we
were down to two reefs and 40% jib, with a near gale blowing in from the
west. It was short lived but in the process the mainsail once more
protested its age, a nip of cloth had got caught in the second reef cringle,
I tried ot ease it out before it tore but as I did so . . . Rip . . . "Oh
bother!" And this tear was quite extensive. I sure hope Pato back in Mar
Del Plata can have that new mainsail finished very soon. An hour later it
had fallen calm again but I knew this was typical frontal behaviour and some
more wind would soon be coming. I worked quickly to make a patch while I
could. it's a bit rough, and large - 2 foot by 10 inches, so was difficult
to line up. I haven't hoisted the mainsail yet, I am only just now applying
a second patch to the other side. No sooner had I stuck on the first patch,
which I am not particularly happy with, then the wind started to pick up
again, and the light was fading rapidly. I was glad that we had remained
well to the west of the rhumb line to the Straits of Le Maire, now we could
afford to bear away a little before the strong westerly breeze, broad
reaching under jib alone. We continued thus overnight averaging six to seven
knots. Come daylight the wind has gradually eased and the jib has gradually
been unfurled. We now have the full jib set to a gentle breeze from the west
and need the mainsail. The second patch is almost finished. The moment of
truth will be revealed when I attempt to set it again. Hopefully it will
hang together.

All is well.

Bob Cat:

Another boisterous night, the skipper up and down all the time, and it is
starting to get cold. The sea rug is the place for me, dreaming of fish
entrees . . . Zzzzzzz.

PS. I know, I know - meridians of latitude and parallels of longitude , or
. . . hang on, anyway, you know what I mean. Back to Navigation 101.
(Thankyou Doris - and I suppose you are enjoying some nice fresh fish in between snoozing in that big comfortable armchair beside a nice cozy warm fire., and picking up on my typos.)