Arrived Portland

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Thu 1 Jul 2021 04:17
Position: 38 20.77 S   141 36.67 E
Alongside Portland Marina
Wind: Calm   Sea: calm   Swell: nil
Weather: cloud with sunny patches, cool
Days run: 55 nm.
The remainder of our sail to Portland proved uneventful with the breeze remaining mostly moderate from the north. We berthed alongside the relatively new marina at 2210 and after securing Sylph, settled in for a good night’s sleep.
This morning a phone call established that my plan to make our next stop at Robe is not going to work as there are no COVID test centres anywhere nearby. Another option is Kingscote on Kangaroo Island which does have a test centre; however, this means I will have to make the passage across Encounter Bay non-stop, which in turn will require a longer period of favourable weather, at least if I want to make the passage without too much discomfort.
In the meantime, the sun is shining. Out paint pots. I will worry about passage planning later.
All is well.