Going Nowhere

Where Next?
Bob Williams
Sun 29 Jun 2008 16:11
Noon Position: 10 miles north of yesterday
Course: Northeast Speed: 3.5 knots
Wind: North northwest, gentle breeze
Weather: Partly cloudy
Day's Run: 53 miles

You have to have a sense of humour in this business, we worked hard to cover
53 miles and ended up mostly going backwards such that today's noon position
is only 10 miles north of yesterday's. Oh well, at least it is progress.
As mentioned yesterday our track has been following the edge of Labrador's
continental shelf over the last several days where the Labrador Slope
Current predominates. We drifted with the sails down for several hours last
night as there was no wind, and in that time we were pushed southeast at a
bit over a knot; that is quite a bit for an ocean current. This morning we
have a little bit of wind from the north. I went on deck to set sail again
and found ourselves surrounded by seabirds, mainly gulls but also a fair
number of shearwaters. There must have been a couple of hundred of them. I
presume they are used to getting a free feed from the fisherman in such
conditions but I did not want to consider the ruckus that the throwing a
scrap amongst such a flock would cause so decided against such a temptation
as being helpful to no-one. As it was there was a fair bit of pecking going
on, birds jockeying for a closer position to the boat. Once the sails were
set and we were making way again they soon dispersed.
I have tacked a couple of times over the past day only to find that we are
covering the same ground we had just been over, light winds on the nose with
a current against you adds up to going nowhere, such are the joys of
sailing. Now we are heading northeast, trying to get clear of this current.
The winds persist light, maybe tomorrow will bring a more favourable breeze.

Bob Cat:

What a great couple of days it has been, more of these please. I haven't
had to use my private study, the main salon has been perfectly adequate for
work. This morning I even enjoyed a spot of sunshine out on the patio,
though I am sure it is colder than it should be; is the world getting cooler
Speaking of my study, I have my suspicions that my solitude there is not as
complete as I thought. A partition separates my space and another space
beyond it where I cannot go. I hear the occasional squeak. Do I smell a

All is well.